Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho “Get Into It”


Lectro Chik Records is home to “Shiny Disco Balls” famed Jorge Jaramillo (Who Da Funk) and Bogota Colombia’s Electro Clash Band Atomic Brain. Lectro Chik Records brand of releases ranges from electro house/electro clash/house and minimal. Our records have been featured on BMG/Sony Dj CD compilations and Resist-Music World’s Greatest Ibiza Hits CD Compilation.
Other artists on Lectro Chik include, Sexy Lucy, Adam Rynhart, Lucid Dreams. Vocalist who have worked with our artists include Shawnee Taylor, Abigail Bailey, Sue Cho, Petia +More



Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho “Get Into It”


New On Lectro Chik Records is Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho’s New Electro Monster Track. Big Build Up!!!!! Available @


Telefono Roto (Atomic Brain Remixes)

Our main girl here at the Lectro Chik offices, Lita managed to get us an exclusive ABH Miami Bass Remix of Atomic Brain’s hit song Telefono Roto. How she did it is anyones guess! but the chick is hot, nuff said!

This is the same Telefono Roto that made a huge impact in Colombia and Europe. Atomic Brain has finished their new video for the original mix of Telefono Roto, and Electro Clash, Dirty Version. Watch the video below and buy Atomic Brain Music at i-Tunes and




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