Lectro Chik E-Magazine Issue#1 September 2008

Welcome to Lectro Chik Mag. In this and future issues you will find out what we in the Lectro Chik offices find interesting in the world of “House Music”, what makes our ears happy, and what makes our lives a little more complete.

Enjoy what you read, and enjoy the Dj interviews (our favorites to write about:)), enjoy the Top 15 hottest “House” songs, and most of all enjoy the magazine and spread spread the word!

This month we got to hang out with Eve Carey during her set  in the Arab country of Qatar.

We also speak to club promoters Jared and Sam from the GLobal Djs brand as we got some nicely overdue VIP treatment in their Global DJs Night at club QUBE (Qatar).

 Thankfully there is so much going on in the world of “House” and  we are so passionate about this lifestyle, that we decided to spread our news and love of House Music as best we can through this on-line blog:). So if any readers want  to share their passion and have stories and/or feel you can write a monthly column feel free to contact us.

Contact info: Lectrochikrecords@yahoo.com
Website: myspace.com/lectrochikrecords

This month we visited Qatar’s premiere “House Club” QUBE. Promoters Jared and Sam give us a first hand look at nightlife in “Arab Country”.

Global DJs
With over 50,000 people claiming to be djs on this planet, how do you “weed” through that “mess” and pick a headliner for your Club Night?
We pick DJs that we respect and admire but at the same time they have to have had success with their productions and a good track record of playing top clubs, if people already know them then its much easier to promote, we also pick DJs that we think will work well with our format of music style etc.

You guys host top djs, rumour has it some can be divas, not naming any names, can you tell us of a dj diva moment.
Divas? most of them are boring, all they do is check emails, they arrive, goto the hotel and email!! We once had a DJ eat 80 dollars in Kit Kat’s & Pringles.

Global DJs is an upscale, VIP club night, do your club goers get down if the dj throws some filthy, dirty underground ghetto ass tracks at them?
If they didn’t, our night wouldn’t exist!

Cover charge: Depends on DJ or Night – 30 USD to 80 USD
Dress code: Stylish
Future events: Hed Kandi is booked in, for October, can’t really say anymore as we wouldn’t want spoil the surprises, but, you can guarantee that we have some big names coming up in the next few months!

Contact: myspace.com/globaldjstheclubnight

Lectro Chik Magazine caught up with one of U.K’s hottest Djs… YES, HOTTEST DJS.

Eve Carey (England)
Where’s your hometown/ where are you from?
I am from Birmingham (UK) but now live in Barcelona Spain and I love it!!!

How did you get into music? What were your early musical influences?

I got a job in a small recording studio when i was 17, my job was to answer the phone but i used to sit in on all the recording sessions!! I was paid £35 per week and to this day it’s still one of the best jobs I ever had!!!! They had a set of decks in studio that nobody ever used….so I started to play around on them…Network Records were based below the studio and they gave me a handful of records…and there began DJ Eve Carey!!

What/When was your first foray/break into the dance scene?
One of my first gigs was at a big club called UK Midlands (at the time!) Just outside Birmingham – I had given the promoter my Cassette (yes thats how long ago it was!) and he booked me for a thursday night…..looking back my mixing wasnt to great back then…but he liked my tunes!!! he contacted me on myspace this year – 12 years later….you never forgot people like that, they can see your potential and give you a break.

How’s the music/club scene in the U.K. different from the US?
I think the club scene in UK is more dark than U.S!!! We seem to like the more dark side of music where U.S has a more soulful sound…the dance scene in U.K is so big you hear dance music all day on the radio to the point where it’s become very “in ya face”!!!

Do you think it’s hard for a DJ to be a great producer and vice versa?
I think there are producers/DJ’s that have always done both from the beginning…..and I think that a DJ has a strong chance of being a good producer . I find that a producer can have a hit record and start to get lots of DJ gigs – when they have never DJ’d at clubs before, and not be very good…….they can lack energy and not be good at working the crowd!


Booking Info Contact:frisco@yellowhouse.es


It’s just us working hard at the office, listening to tunes all day long. Our DJs on
Lectro Chik “test” our “pickings” in their DJ sets and report back to us. So if it’s listed below, chances are your audience will get their panties or trousers in a ruffle when you drop these gems.

1. “Till I Feel OK” – Jorge Jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor (Lectro Chik)
2. “Fuckin Rad” – disKo loKO
3. “Ruffneck” – Twocker (Riva Starr Remix) (Big and Dirty)
4. “Crash Jack” – Darren Emerson (Global Underground)
5. “They Live” – Evil Nine (Trevor Lovey’s Remix) (Marine Parade)
6. “Ring Road” – Underworld (Laidback Luke Mix)
7. “Get Get Down 2008” – Paul Johnson (Laidback Luke Remix)
8. “Technik” – Zoo Brazil (Nick Fanciulli Remix) (Gung Ho!)
9. “Get Into It” – Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho (Lectro Chik)
10. “Private Jet” – Mr. Pher (Danny Soundz Remix) (Runt Records)
11. “Deep In My Soul” – Fang (Twisted Lab Remix)
12. “High Heat” – Jeff T (Shush Music)
13. “Move Your Body” – The Grower ft Corew Andrew (Jesse Garcia Mix)
14. “Wikki Wikki” – Anthony MPulse (MPulse Records)
15. “21st Century Girl” – (Jonty Skrufff Remix) 




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