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Jorge Jaramillo ft Sarah Tancer – Liar’s Game (Pacha Recordings)

New on Pacha recordings is Jorge Jaramillo ft Sarah Tancer “Liar’s Game”. It’s us taking a piss at “the cheating game” Starring Ted Scheriff, Sarah Tancer & Renata Fourmanova. Filmed and directed by, Jorge JaramilloEnjoy the video, pass it along. Download is available at click here.


If it’s listed below, chances are your audience will get their panties or trousers in a ruffle when you drop these gems.

1. “Till I Feel OK” – Jorge Jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor (Lectro Chik)
2. “Fuckin Rad” – disKo loKO
3. “Ruffneck” – Twocker (Riva Starr Remix) (Big and Dirty)
4. “Crash Jack” – Darren Emerson (Global Underground)
5. “They Live” – Evil Nine (Trevor Lovey’s Remix) (Marine Parade)
6. “Ring Road” – Underworld (Laidback Luke Mix)
7. “Get Get Down 2008” – Paul Johnson (Laidback Luke Remix)
8. “Technik” – Zoo Brazil (Nick Fanciulli Remix) (Gung Ho!)
9. “Get Into It” – Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho (Lectro Chik)
10. “Private Jet” – Mr. Pher (Danny Soundz Remix) (Runt Records)
11. “Deep In My Soul” – Fang (Twisted Lab Remix)
12. “High Heat” – Jeff T (Shush Music)
13. “Move Your Body” – The Grower ft Corew Andrew (Jesse Garcia Mix)
14. “Wikki Wikki” – Anthony MPulse (MPulse Records)
15. “21st Century Girl” – (Jonty Skrufff Remix)


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