Dominique Costa & Dani Masi Remix (Lectro Chik Records)

Lectro Chik Records just signed an exclusive Dominique Costa & Dani Masi remix of the “Till I Feel Ok – Jorge Jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor” song. Release date is set for September 10th 2008.

Get “Till I Feel Ok” (Original Mix) Download


Dominique Costa (Spain)

(Bio taken directly from his myspace page). Dominique Costa, Valencian Deejay and producer, began to be interested in music in 1995, two years later it initiated its race like deejay in small clubs of the Baix Llobregat (Barcelona), it was during that year when it wanted to go a little far and it bought its first sinthetizator, beginning his interest by the musical creation. In 1998 signs by a promotional group of Bilbao to make a tour by the north of Spain, this offered the opportunity him to act in the best premises of the zone, occurring to know and gathering a valuable experience.

It was at the end of that same year, and already installed again in Barcelona, where he entered to comprise in the rows of one of the important groups but of the moment, The Cel group, where it made sessions in its different premises (the Cel Bcn, The Cel Sant Boi, the Carps of the Cel). It is also in this year when inaugurates Heaven Studio, and it gives to beginning its race like musical producer, sending soon after his first musical productions, which receive a good welcome on the part of deejays, producers and by all means of the public.

In the 2003 card by the group of leisure EITWO, in an ambitious project and of quality, where De resides at the moment in its rooms EITWO Molins Rei (Barcelona) and EITWO the Vendrell (Tarragona), their good one for doing before plates has taken it to share cabin with great professionals like Oscar Mulero, Francesco Farfa, Ken Ishii, Javi Colors, David Tort, Toni Verdi between many others. She is the person in charge to mix recopilatorios EITWO Barcelona-Tarragona.

Between end of the 2005 and beginnings of the 2006, he created two productions that quickly become hits, creating a mediatic effect of vital importance in the race of Dominique, on the one hand Moments, that becomes in authentic hymn in the dance tracks, and on the other hand Chicago that is able to arrive at upper from but the prestigious radio transmitters, getting to sound also in television.

In the 2007, in the heat of height as producing and deejay it enters to comprise of the recognized cabin of one of after clubs with more prestige of Barcelona, MERCI (Madness group) where each weekend delights to multitude of people with its personal style.


Dani Masi (Spain)

No Bio Was Available!!!




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