Global Room @ Pacha Sept.11.08 Jorge Jaramillo & David Guetta

Searching through my bag of tracks to drop in Pacha Ibiza’s Global Room September 11, 2008. The Main room is where David Guetta and Tocadisco will be playing that same night, and Me (Jorge Jaramillo) and Andy Baxter will be scaring the living daylights out of the Global Room’s attendeez. I am going to drop some filth!

For those that don’t know what the Global Room is, well it’s basically a smaller room in the Pacha nightclub where the DJ can get loose, and the people that hang out there are mad chill and really up for whatever the Dj throws at them. So I am going back to my roots for this event. No cheese, straight electro, gothic, industrial, bad ass, mean, suicidal, big build, heavy 808’s, 303’s, 909’s…ghetto, ghetto ghetto, chicks with black lipstick…you know the drill!!!

So here are some of the tracks I will be dropping in my set that night, really psyched for this.  Be there, represent and come by the DJ booth and say whats up to me.

So far I snagged the DVJ track from the Digital Eargasm Guys. Be sure to check their blog and mixes. Serious quality.

Prompt Digital Label just sent me a ton of “Fidget” tracks from their catalogue. I’ll be playing alot of it.

The rest of the tracks are from my collection. I uploaded some of them as I was getting my playlist sorted for the gig. David Guetta will be in the main room with Tocadisco and their set is always perfect, so if you are new to the “House” scene, I recommend you stay as far as possible from The Global Room.

Jorge Jaramillo (Global Room’sTracklist)

Dvj Bazuka “what can be better than sex” (gazburn remix).mp3
Evil Nine “They Live” (Trevor Lovely Mix) – Marine Parade
Paul Anthony & ZXX Feat. Harrison Crump – House Music (Alternative Reality Remix)
Alternative Reality & Christian Planes Feat. Olie – Need A High (Mike Balance Remix)
disKo loKO “Fuckin’ Rad” (Original Mix)
Felipe Avelar Feat. Olie – Electric Boogaloo (Jeff T Remix) – Prompt Digital Jeff T Track is SIck!!!!
Lex Da Funk Feat. Dana – Dutch Hoe (Dirty Freqs Remix) – Prompt Digital
Mystery Jets “Hideaway” (Switch Remix) unexpected bassline and top melody, love this!
Felix Da Housecat “Radio” (Schinichi Osawa Mix)
The Faint “The Geeks Where Right” (Shadow dancer vocal Mix) -BNR
Fonseca vs Lane – “Afterparty” (Trackworks)
Jorgensen vs BSD “I Don’t Care” (Club Mix)
Melleefresh and Deadmau5 “Cocktail Queen” – Play Records

That’s just some of the filth I’ll be dropping, Get the high quality versions at and support the artists and labels. It’s real important you support us. Gotta go and get the rest of my tracks in order. If you are on the island of Ibiza Thursday the 11th of September go to Pacha, The global Room is on your right hand-side before the main dancefloor. And if you can bring your video camera I would appreciate it!

Jorge Jaramillo



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