Beatport Top 100 – “Till I Feel Ok” (Lectro Chik Records)

We are so proud to announce that the Dani Masi & Dominique Costa remix of “Till I Feel OK” is on Beatport’s Progressive Top 100. A big deal for us cause we bust our asses promoting and getting things sorted:)!!! So help us make this track hit #1 on Beatport.

In return for you going to Beatport and downloading the Dani Masi/Dominique Costa mix of “Till I Feel OK”, we have included a free download of the Original.

Jorge Jaramillo – “Till I Feel OK” – (Original) – Lectro Chik  mp3.
Jorge Jaramillo – “Till I Feel OK” –  (Costa/Masi Mix) –  Beatport Link.

 Download the (Costa/Masi) Mix from Beatport. Help support the indie House labels.


September 15th 2008, we will launch our first mixed compilation exclusively to Beatport. Titled “Lectro Sessions Vol.1″…Mixed By Nino Anthony. Make sure you download a copy. 10 tracks of electro and Progressive house.



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