“Till I Feel OK” THE REMIXES coming soon!

“Till I Feel Ok” THE REMIXES
Coming Soon!

Magazine Press (Dj Mag) 

This hot, big-room acid monster is a new direction for vocalist Shawnee Taylor, who is usually associated with more soulful house offerings. 

To her credit, then, she’s broken from the mold, and peppers her seductive tones over a burbling acid bassline created by Who Da Funk’s ‘Shiny Disco Balls’ producer, Jorge Jaramillo.

The melting pot reaches boiling point when the 303 ‘n’ 808 take hold and your senses lose complete control; a combination that’s equal parts effectiveness and aural seduction, demanding your attention.
Written By Lewis Dene (Journalist M8 , Dj Mag, Update Magazines)

Now Lectro Chik Records turn their full attention to this 7 remix pack, including big room, fidgit, sexy house and tribal mixes from the world’s top house producers. available exclusively on Beatport.com to be released November 2008!!!


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