Till I feel Ok (The Remixes) Press Release


Hello My Radio & Dj Peeps,

I am sending you new remixes for the track “Till I feel Ok” Jorge Jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor. Download, rock it out at your gig, and send feedback!

DJ Feedback

Toni Bass (Deux): Buen remix, si señor. Enhorabuena a los dos, contáis con mi apoyo!!!
Gee Moore (Bora Bora): Thanks for this very much – The groove and sounds are excellent, will for sure support and play on the radio show this weekend.
Cristian Paduraru: “Yes, deep support for the inspiring house music!” 10/10
Jaimie Fanatic: “A piece of UK magnificent wobble from holland, micky slim watch out! ”
Defunct!: “Nice and gritty with those crispy zings, chaos in a beautiful way, good work”
The Bulgarian: “yeh, feeling The Fidgitive remix. Proper nervous tune, makes me wanna boogie”
Herman Ross: “Great Track, A definite floor mover. The Fidgitive keeps banging and innovating.”
Heavyfeet: Quite into this track, will whack it in the cd case.


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