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“Save Me” DJ Feedback

Dave Whelan (Juice F.M.) Absolutely loving the original, rinsing it on radio and receiving great feedback. Biggest Vocal in my bag…! :)
Eddie Thoneick (Radio FG) The original does it for me. In my sets!
(Milk & Sugar) Great funky house tune! Will do massive in our set!!!
Tony English (Push FM) 10/10 Best mix: Original. Best piece from Jorge since the last 5 years, rocking this track from South America to London…and power played on radio show!
Laidback Luke “Digging the original, will try to spin it!”
Lewis Dene “Really strong vocal offering with some wicked electro twists along the way – the Original and disKo loKo Remixes are the ones I’m most into”
Matteo Esse “Digging the Nino Anthony and Robotixx mixes. Will try these out. Nice one!”
Miss Nine “I’m supporting Nino Anthony, Robotixxx, and disKo loKo remixes”
Colin Peters (Manumission) “The Disko Loko mix is the best mix here, the beat is a straightforward pounder and the vocal sits snuggly on top. There are lots of tracks in this vein around these days but few rise above the dross. This is one of them that rises above”
Craig Douris “Now, this track is really picking up for me. To be honest, at first, all of the mixes were a bit tricky to mix into and I did bid for the Disco Loko mix at the outset. However, I have now discovered the original and that is a blinding track. I played it at peak time last weekend and it went down really well. It’s got a great vocal and the synths and dark tough bubbling bassline made it a winner. I think this one will be heading up my chart this week
Dee McAuley (Montero) “Solid Vocal House package”
Filthy Rich “Original is the one….great vocal house! Not many of these about anymore!”
Hexadecimal (Spectrum) “Nino Anthony Remix and disko loko are definitely doing the buisness, dubs would have been amazing!”
Neil Anthony “Original mix – This has got the makings of big radio record, liking the rollin synth bass and vocal is pretty clean too. A little bit on the commercial side for me but can see this doing pretty well. Nino Anthony mix – it’s got a certain late night feel to it which I quite like.. production is pretty tight on it also. A touch on the big room elctro side for me but again can see this getting play. Robotixxx – Like this one, nice chuggy deep house groove to it.. would maybe have liked to have seen the vocal used a bit more sparingly though… Instrumental maybe? Loko mix – a bit too commercial for me this one All in all a decent package though, should see decent support on this one”
Neil Soul (Funktion) “Wow, nice to hear a fat vocal for once. I think disko loko pips the post with robottixx a close second. Like it”
Richard Murray (Ministry/Housexy) “Robotixx remix for me here dirty chunky and uplifting nice touch”
Stel Alexander (Circus) “The robotixx remix may come in handy. Ponding prog beat that nicely compliments the vocal”
Flash Brothers “We like the original mix mostly in the package, cool uplifting Vocal house with a wicked electro house feel as well”
Paul Deighton (Gung-Ho!) “Nino Anthony and disko loko remixes are great! Good vocal too”
Tom Stephan “Disko loko mix is the one for me. Very cool”
Zimbardo (IDJ) “Great solid release here from Jorge!”


The Making of “We Are 808”

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In this episode, we visit The Meat Locker Recording Studio in Cali, Colombia and discover how Jorge Jaramillo created his up and coming release “We Are 808” featuring vocals from Rosen.